Project GreenHands

DataSource Mobility and Project GreenHands Sapling Project

ProjectGreenHandsDataSource Mobility is an ambassador for environmental compassion. One of our main initiatives is a commitment to offset our carbon footprint by planting a tree for every laptop/tablet device we sell. DataSource Mobility has partnered with the premiere worldwide organization, called Project GreenHands, to fulfill our mission.

Project GreenHands is a volunteer organization dedicated to planting saplings in order to reduce the global impact of carbon emissions. The saplings are planted in critical areas near the equator where the carbon sequestration has the greatest global impact.

Currently efforts are focused on India for the following reasons:

  • Ideal geographical location for making an impact on carbon reduction;
  • Trees that are planted in areas around the earth’s equator are more efficient at carbon sequestration as well as increasing cloud cover by evaporating water into the atmosphere;
  • A temperate climate makes it an ideal candidate for carbon sequestration to have a positive impact on the global environment and it provides the perfect climate conditions for year round growth and sequestration;
  • Greater return on investment enabling more saplings to be planted.


Project GreenHands is responsible for planting 2.5 Million saplings every year and have planted over 14 million saplings to-date.

DataSource Mobility will sponsor one sapling for every mobile device sold. Bill Presler, Managing Partner, DataSource Mobility states, “It’s part of our commitment to socially responsible capitalism and environmental stewardship and all of our customers can benefit from this important program. It’s a small step forward in reducing our overall impact on the planet but an important one. Expect to see more initiatives from DataSource Green in the near future.”

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