Getac Video Solutions

In the heat of the moment, seconds count and things happen at lightening speed; now you can feel confident knowing that we have eyes all around you to capture each and every moment as it unfolds.

Our mission is to protect you, as you are protecting and serving all of us. Our integrated video technology solutions capture everything in real-time, giving you instant access to the event. The technology is easy to install with your current system and easy to use. Up time in no time. We work with many of the busiest PDs in the country and we welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Body-Worn Camera

Capture VIdeo On the Go
The Body-Worn Camera delivers panoramic, full HD video, even in low-light conditions. With one of the smallest and lightest designs in the industry, more than 12 hours of full-shift battery life and a wide range of communication features, it can go wherever the action is, providing complete situational awareness in critical scenarios.

Getac Mobile Edge

Purpose Built Rugged Computer and Video All-In-One, Security you can Trust
The Mobile Edge Platform provides all the computing power to meet all your MDT computer and video needs in one cost-effective system. It lowers the cost of installation, maintenance, and support in a space savings package. Intel I7, 16GB RAM, Dual SSD (512GB + 256GB) will “future proof” your investment. Windows 10 is a trusted platform your IT department knows well. Industry products will reduce the unknown by allowing the use of standard tools and internal processes.

Getac Interview Room

Get Comprehensive Interview Coverage

Interview rooms need to be comprehensive, easy to use and highly secure. Getac Video Solutions’ rugged Interview Room offers an all-inclusive, end-to-end solution.

Using the VR-X20 as a powerful real-time gateway, video and audio recordings can be merged from multiple sources at once and viewed from different rooms. Recordings are simultaneously sourced to high-performance, solid-state storage. Cataloging is made easy and secure with tags and a full chain of custody, including audit logs, so you can trust that you have the whole story—from start to finish.

Real TIme Command

Delivering a new level of Protect and Serve: your officers are always connected and protected.

Getac Real Time Command provides your force with the information and access you need to keep your officers and communities safe.

True control means having access to the sensors and information you need to make quick, informed decisions. Getac Real Time Command allows your force to capture, record and store digital evidence crucial to the case. All so you can visualize and associate agency-unique and mission-specific data and sensors in a clear, easy-to-track format. This puts the right information in your hands so you can lead your force with actionable insights.

Getac Enterprise Software

Technology that gets you what you need when you need it.

Getac Enterprise data management allows law enforcement to quickly identify operationally relevant information, alert responding personnel and receive real-time information (including on-scene video) from the incident.

Getac Enterprise is one of the most powerful backend video management tools in the industry. The highly scalable software provides dashboard overview, media management and remote management of all your devices. Getac Enterprise was built to handle any type of digital document or video, making it an indispensable resource for your agency.

ZeroDark HD Camera

You work at night, and so does the ZeroDark HD Camera.
Working at night comes with the disadvantage of reduced visibility, especially when it comes to your cameras. The ZeroDark™ HD Camera solves that problem so you can do your job, even in the darkest conditions. The cameras are small and discreet, and with 60° and 120° wide-angle cameras, you can create a 180° view.
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