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Panasonic Wearable Camera











  • Delivers extremely wide angle views and features an industry-leading viewing angle, optimized for both day and night use
  • Available with a short or long cable for optimal configuration flexibility
  • Recording capacity of up to 32 hours and a battery life of approximately five hours in continuous record mode
  • Works as a standalone solution or seamlessly with the Toughbook Arbitrator™ SafeServe® software version 8.0.
  • Panasonic’s video technology resolves the problem of jostling movements for clear viewability.
  • By allowing audio and video surveillance to be worn on the body, first responders are able to record
  • Provides more in-depth information that can be used as evidence in court.
  • User-friendly functionality and weather-sealed controls designed for the demanding needs of public safety.
  • Developed to improve mobility, time and cost savings.

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Panasonic_Wearable_Camera_on_Police  Panasonic_Wearable_Camera_on_person

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