DataSource Mobility can help you secure a variety of financing programs to support your project. We will work with you and our lenders to ensure you have the best solution. Here are the benefits of Financing:


  • Finance Your Entire Project – 100% Cost Coverage — Finance your entire project including laptops, middleware, software and accessories. Soft costs such as shipping, deployment and professional fees can be included in the leased amount.
  • Conservation of Capital — Leasing allows you to preserve your capital and removes the uncertainty of today’s economic crisis. You can ensure your company’s stability by freeing up your cash to help grow your business.
  • Tax Benefits — Monthly lease payments can be deducted as an operating expense.
  • Obsolescence Protection — Leasing gives you the ability to upgrade or add equipment if your business demands that you have the latest technology or if your needs change.
  • Low Monthly Cost — Leasing provides use of the equipment at a low monthly cost with flexible structures. You pay as you use the equipment, not all at once.
  • Include Delivery, Installation and Professional Fees — Since you can include these fees in the lease, budgeting the equipment over the term of the lease is easier.
  • Fixed Payments — Payments are locked in now, avoiding the risk of inflation in the future.
  • Preserves Credit — Leasing doesn’t tie up bank lines of credit, so you have more available credit when you need it.
  • Flexible Payment Structures — Payment plans can be structured to meet your specific cash flow needs.
  • Flexible Lease End Options — Leasing can be structured up front to provide you with automatic ownership at the end of the term, or structured with an option at the end of the term to purchase the equipment, upgrade to new equipment, or return the equipment with no further obligation.


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