Panasonic Toughbook Arbitrator



Panasonic Toughbook Arbitrator





  • Entire system is easily installed
  • Compatible with Toughbook or other mounted PC
  • SafeServe® software enables command staff to manage users, retain evidence, configure the system and access content while protecting the evidence chain
  • Provides a 360° view utilizing up to five cameras simultaneously
  • Video evidence can transfer wirelessly from vehicles to station servers
  • Dispatchers can remotely zoom cameras and change bit rate for better viewing
  • Low-light technology allows capture of evidence in near complete darkness
  • Wireless microphone features remote video record button
  • Choose from 16 external triggers to activate recording with 90 seconds of pre-record
  • Evidence is searchable by categories with permissions settings and an access record to protect the file
  • Equipped with a tamper-resistant control panel key lock 
  • Enables evidence-sharing via DVD, .wmv or in a protected native format

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