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Finally, there’s Accountability

Imagine a warm night where you are sleeping soundly but are awakened by a thunderstorm so violent that your electricity cuts out and threatens to temporarily ru...

Getac Veretos Body Worn Camera

Body Worn Cameras have been a hot topic for Public Safety to date. The need for evidence capture outside of in-car video is at an all time high, which is why we...

What’s New In Healthcare

Announcing the new Getac RX10H Mobile Clinical Assistant, designed specifically for Healthcare! Built For A Nurse/Doctor, Not A Soldier Maintain the most up-to-...

Company Overview

DataSource Mobility LLC specializes in “best in class” technology solutions. Our emphasis and expertise is on technology across the spectrum of computing, communications, hardware, accessories, consulting and professional services—all designed and orchestrated to deliver increased performance and higher satisfaction for today’s enterprise, with minimal implications to the environment.

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